NukeMan filling in for Tom on Friday, for PanCan RadioThon

I’ll be I-20 westbound on Friday (Oct 27), & stopping in at a few places to visit friends over the weekend, during my journey to Texas Motor Speedway’s NASCAR races next week (but I’ll be listening on the 98Rocks app).  Please, join NukeMan Friday, beginning at 10am. Nuke will be fillng in for me, as Nuke hosts his portion of this year’s PanCan RadioThon.  Many of us have known friends and family that have left us, due to pancreatic cancer.  This cancer research does not get anywhere near the funding that other cancer researches do, and your help is needed.  Along with your help, you’ll get lots of rock while ya’ work Friday, with our fearless leader, Greg “NukeMan” Hanson, along with his one-of-a-kind compadre,  Bobby Cook, hosting the PanCan RadioThon 10am – 5pm Friday on 98Rocks.  Thank you for your help.

Tom Michaels



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