Not Done Yet

Hurricane Dorian continues to be in the news and wreaking havoc long after it first formed, and with hurricane season continuing through November, we’re likely to experience more. Matter of fact, here’s a link to a story on just that topic:  

Another potential half-dozen storms could be in the works.  Dorian is battering Coastal Georgia and the Carolinas at this writing.  Been thinking a lot about friends and family along the east coast, from Florida on up into Virginia and North Carolina.  Glad to see some some spectacular Daytona Beach Shores pictures after the storm had passed, posted by wonderful Sis-In-Law Sandie.  Weathered the storm unscathed, and we sure hope everyone in its path as it moves Northward is spared harm.   All the coverage over the past few weeks has left me really homesick for old gang, and that Florida shoreline where we made so many memories, raised so much hell, got baked by the sun by day, and stood in the surf to howl at the Moon by night.  We road-out the storms when they brought their fury, patched-up the damage when they passed, and got on with it.  It was the price we willingly paid for the Sun and sand.  The sound of the surf and smell of the salt air and fried grouper sandwiches on the pier.  Time to plan a get-away.

If you’re in the path of the storm, I wish you and yours safe passage.  May the damage be minimal, and your life, like Nature’s landscape, return to normal as soon as possible.


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