Name-A-Band Volume 1

“So you want to be a rock-n-roll star, then listen now to what I say. Just get an electric guitar, then take some time and learn how to play… ” -The Byrds

Today I offer a  few selections from an ever-growing file I keep containing unusual word combinations,  names or  phrases that I hear, read or that just pop into my head and make me say “That would be a cool name for a band!”  Or maybe a song title or lyric.  I jot them down, thinking they’ll turn up in something I have to write eventually, but I have a surplus and decided to share.  The following are all made-up by me and not real band names as far as I know.  If you’re an aspiring musician or singer/songwriter and one looks like it fits your act, feel free to steal it.  Just give me credit somewhere in the liner notes when you hit the bigtime!

The Frog Floggers     Dark Side Of The Shroom     The Frugal Spendthrifts    Debutante Detox    The Barre Chord Decoders    Jezebel’s Marmalade    Atlas Has Apnea

Busted Lisp     Menace With A Manbun    Cookies & Cream Wet Dream     Eardrums Ablaze     Five Fat Flat-Earthers      Limited Possibility For Greatness

The Fine Smelling Ferrets    Thrash Mayhem’s Angry Mob    The Gloriously Engorged    Righteous Elixer     Thunderous Titade    The Hellfire Decibellers

Hump-Day Camel Smokers   The Festering Unafraid   Modulation Reign   Trump’s Tweetstorm   The Free Glutens     Deafness No Obstacle!    Bok Choi Champion

Catastrophic Breakdown     The TSA Pat-Downers   Sam And The Supersonic Snails     Galactic Gardeners From Ganymede   Butt2But   Propane Bottle Bliss

My Other Car Is An Eleven Tripoli

And finally:  Universal Rectum Locator (URL)  “The band that can’t find it’s ass with both hands!!”




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