My Monolith

I thought long and hard prior to publishing this post.  Well, maybe the time it takes to have a beer and a half anyway.   I wanted to share my discovery, in light of the recent global sightings of an unexplained and mysterious metallic obelisk.  I didn’t however, want to risk the onslaught of curious conspiracy theorists  descending upon my property for a look at the monument.  They’d discern my location through nefarious means, (like, I dunno, google?) and come in the night to slink around my property, with infrared lights and sensors capable of picking-up paranormal electromagnetic signals from another dimension, maybe another world!  Holy crap, Geraldo might show up!   TV vans parked in the street, every dog in the neighborhood going apeshit, the lady across the street calling the cops because…oh wait a minute, she calls the cops if the wind blows.

The dogs are partly responsible for my discovery of this ponderous slab.  Patrolling with my trusty pooper-scooper each day makes me recon areas of the yard I might not usually stroll through.  But pups don’t always go in the same spot you know, so you you step cautiously and look diligently for surprises.

That’s when I saw it.  A golden flash out of the corner of my eye.  Did the wind become still and a sudden calm serenity infuse the ether?   Maybe.  Or maybe it was the garbage truck finally gone on its way.  No matter, there was definitely a siren song emanating from the thing, standing erect among a growth of Asian Jasmine (which reminds me of an Asian named Jasmine I knew, but that’s another post) in a far corner of the backyard.

I approached with trepidation.  There was indeed an electricity in the air surrounding the wee pillar.  I gingerly placed a finger on the smooth surface.  Did a gentle current course through me?  Give it a nudge.  Nothing.  Solid as a fence post.

A marketing gimmick, something sinister, something divine?   Maybe we’ll know for sure one day.  Right now, My Monolith, sturdy and pointing ever upwards, is a reminder to do just that: stand tall and be optimistic.

It’s also, for me anyway, a marker that says loud and clear “Don’t step in it!”




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