Too Much to Think About? Can I Get A Witness?

Positive motivational, or thought-starter, post-it stuff is in one of the offices up here.  I feel motivated to share my thoughts on it.  It’s too much to mentally digest in one sitting? That’s why there are many “Thought for the Day” books available.  One thought, for one day. That photo is next to a guest chair in a production office, near our control room.  I’d bet that, someone on the 98Rocks weekend staff posted all of those motivational post-it things in that office.  All of the evidence points to Lady B., as the motivational post-it note culprit.  “Culprit” is not a positive word, though, is it?  I looked up a definition of “culprit”, and it related to the cause of a problem, or defect.  Our Lady B., is certainly NOT, a “culprit”.  The motivational writing on those post-it notes are good, but it’s just too much to think about, in one sitting.  Some of those motivational, thought-starter, sayings that you see, would be good on coffee mugs, though, right?  But, not ALL of them on one coffee mug.  One positive motivational thought, per mug.  Lady B. is a, terrific, young lady.  Of course, she is.  She’s a South Bossier lady.  And, Lady B. does a lot of other duties around the radio stations.  Her effort is appreciated.

While you’re rockin’ at work with 98Rocks,  here’s a quick check of the perfect weekend weather HERE.  You’ll see that it’ll be great sausage grillin’ weather.  I’ll have some Down Home green onion flavored sausages on the grill at my place of humble abode, because 98.1 percent of the time, that is included in my weekends. If you’re wanting to make plans for the weekend, there are some items of interest on our Gig Guide HERE.




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