Mr. Mantis is Praying on the Tom’sMaHaul

It may sound crazy to some, but while I’m checking tire pressures and a few other tasks to prepare the Tom’sMaHaul motorhome to hit the road, I say a quick prayer for safe passage & a trouble-free journey.  I spotted this praying mantis on the Tom’sMaHaul, while I walked around the motorhome, before a recent journey.  I don’t know a lot about these insects, and rarely see them around.  What was kind-of crazy was, I had 98Rocks playing on the outside (RV) radio, and the praying mantis was flexing up and down, as if it were dancing to “War Pigs”.  I took the photo, and then left the praying mantis alone, and went about my business.  I pointed the praying mantis out to an RV neighbor, and she said that some people have them as pets, and that they live for about a year.  She told me that they eat spiders, flies and other insects. I wonder if they eat love bugs?  It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of love bugs.  Especially, when I have to clean the nasty love bugs off of the flat front of the motorhome.  I’ve only encountered a few love bugs, so far, this year.  Last year, though, if you remember, we had an unusually bad season of love bug swarms in our region, from mid-August through the end of September.  Friends of mine that live in South Louisiana, tell me that love bugs have already been a hassle, this year.  I’m planning to go to the LSU/Ol’ Miss football game in Baton Rouge on September 29th, and hope that the love bugs, are done with their lovin’, by that time.


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