Mr. Berra’s Pizza

During the Tom’sMaHaul rv travels, I usually eat my wife’s prepared meals, but when we treat ourselves to a restaurant dinner, I find myself looking around at the stuff on the walls.  I must be a little “slow” these days.  While at a restaurant in Longview, I read this sign that you see…and, I found myself spending about the length of Don Zimmerman radio commercial, to focus on the words.  About 4 times, I heard myself say “Hmmmm?”.  Finally, I laughed out loud!  Some of the laughter was due to Yogi’s words, but some of the laughter was because I was laughing at myself (for pondering, too long, on the sign). A few patrons chuckled, too, and that was, likely, due to them realizing that I had to study the sign to…. “get it”.  I will say that, when I first looked at it, I thought “WHHAAAT!!!!”. I’m known to complicate simple things, so for some reason, I tried to get a “deeper meaning” from Yogi’s words. What did I discover after all of that deep-thought?  There is no “deeper meaning”.  It is what it is (as they say).  There’s another saying that, I wonder if Yogi came up with it (“It is what it is” – I hear that often).  Well.  Time to get back to rockin’ the masses.  Just remember this my friends – “No matter where you go, there you are”.   I don’t know if Yogi said that, but it’s true.

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