Move It!

Quite a few of us here at Alpha-Central have been tasked with moving out of our current offices, so we can move into other offices  in another part of the building.   Moving across town or Country is a formidable task, sure, but you wouldn’t expect a little relocation of a ten-by-ten space would be much of a pain.  Well, it is.  If you occupy a small space every day you know just how much stuff you can cram into it if need be.   I had single desk drawers, the contents of which took two trips to deliver to my new digs down the hall.   How did I accumulate so many toothbrushes and dental flosses in this drawer?   Where the hell did this protractor come from?   Is there an expiration date on Duck Sauce?  This packet looks like it’s full of Gorilla glue!  Extra belt, deodorant, can-opener, sewing kit (Really?  If a button pops off my shit, I’m likely to just toss it into Goodwill) and of course stacks and stacks and stacks of compact discs.  I could build a small pyramid out of ’em, yet all the data they contain could probably fit on a thumb-drive. Ahh technology.  So if I’ve seemed somewhat scattered of late,  feeling without a foundation and more confused than usual, it’s probably because I’m still waiting for the final computer hookups that will keep me connected to the world from my new work-space, and also trying to figure out which drawer the Twizzlers and half-pint of Happy Grandpappy ended up in.  For medicinal purposes, of course….