Moustacheless Tom Photo Revealed!

For those that I’ve told “I was born with this moustache”, you now see evidence that I was just joking.  I was checking my email ( [email protected] ) , and this photo showed up in a message.  I’m leaning on a cousin’s old Chevy.  Old cars & trucks have always been cool to me.  I am wearing a hat, though.  I have a collection of caps and hats.  I wear a ball cap, every day.  A good cap, keeps my brilliant thoughts, from escaping out of the top of my head.  You do believe me, right?  Maybe, when you’ve looked through the pages of my blog collection here, you’ve seen a reptilian-like photo of me, without a cap?  Let me share it again, for those that missed that blog.  Notice in that photo, that my brilliant thoughts are escaping.  That’s what happens to me, when I don’t wear a cap.  I need to keep all of those, brilliant thoughts, contained, so I don’t forget to share them with you.   ‘Nuff o’ dat.  It’s getting deep in here, isn’t it?  It’s best to spend the time rockin’ ya’ while you work.  Whether you’re rockin with 98Rocks on your car radio, office or shop radio, on the 98Rocks app or online at , your listenership is appreciated, and has been (greatly) appreciated, for almost 35 years.




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