Morning Stretch

Stretched, caffeinated and almost ready to rock the coming dawn.  Yawn.  Okay, maybe not caffeinated enough.  The above picture not representative of today’s weather, of course you never know, but probably a stretch that we see any sunshine today.  Consider the shot a nod to the other optimists out there.   Feel okay?  Hope so.  Have a healthy and flu-free day if you can.  Valentine’s day is a week from tomorrow, so don’t wait until the last minute to make reservations at your favorite romantic spot.  Unless you’re going to Sonic or something.  Cool by me, romance is a personal thing and it’s your preference.  Better yet, get in a creative mode and enter our “Love on the Rocks” contest by sharing your make-up or break-up love story.  Nice prize package is waiting for the winning effort, including limo, dinner, a night out and roses for the “make-up” story, and a wild and crazy night out at Deja Vu, dinner at Jack Binions and bail money for the “break-up” story.  I meant transportation.  On to the verbal part of my morning.  Be talkin’ to ya…



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