Morning Re-boot

It is the ongoing request of the Alpha IT-Master that we re-start all company computers at least once weekly, to be sure technical things are accomplished that are important but beyond my low-tech understanding.  But I have a sticky-note to remind to do just that before I leave on Friday.  Of course around here it is not unusual for power outages and/or surges to cause unintended shutdowns and that slows down the works a bit.  Today was one such morning when I strolled into my office to find the box still sound asleep, and in no hurry to boot-up so I could work.  Well, I could work, just at another work-station.   Ehhhh…  I’m kinda particular.  Anyway, while my computer was slowly getting it’s act together, so was I, and probably many others on a post Mardi Gras Parade/Superbowl weekend.  Slow out of the gate is okay today I say.  Take your time getting dialed-in if you want.  I had equal amounts of restfulness and frenzy this weekend, how about you?  The better-half caught a stomach bug that had her in misery and at the ER Saturday night, but the flu was not the diagnosis, so as crummy as she felt, it could have been worse.  I feel okay so far, but I’m using the Purell like there’s no tomorrow and keeping my distance.  Health care types say there are a couple more weeks of this particularly nasty flu season remaining and it is not to late to get a shot.  I hope you stay healthy.  The weekend is history; the big game is in the books, the big memo is released, and another Amtrack crash occurs.  And the world keeps spinning.  And we keep it Rockin’!

Peace to your Monday,

-Bobby Cook



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