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Midweek writer’s block remedy?  How about a lot of photos?  It was too pleasant a winter morning to not sneak-off for a few minutes after the air-shift, and do some much needed monkeying around with the new camera Santa got me for Christmas.  I’m one of those who found setting a vcr too daunting a task, but I aim to figure this puppy out beyond the “quick-start” settings.   Perhaps I’ve grown more patient since the days of videocassettes.  Regardless, it may take awhile, since there are plenty of buttons on it that perform multiple functions, depending on- best as I can guess-the angle at which my head is tilted while trying to access that particular function.  I’ll soldier on.  Fortunately the digital camera technology is so good today that it does a lot of the thinking for you, even compensating a bit for shaky hands and poor vision.  Helluva lot quicker to slide a card in a slot than load that roll of 35mm film too, and without a darkroom of your own, you’d have to go to the photo-lab and wait for processing.  I guess in truth, it’s a camera that does just about everything for you except tell you what to point and shoot at.  Hope you like these images from here at 98 Rocks and the neighborhood.

Sunrise behind the station-

Our good friend Tom Michaels!

Heading Downtown-

High water-

Not walking Fido today-