More Lake Views

President’s Day made for an extended weekend, so me and the missus was off to goof around at a favorite getaway, nearby Lake Claiborne State Park just outside of Homer.   Not ideal conditions by any stretch, like here in Shreveport, it was awful dad-gum windy and rainy and cold most of the time, but it was still better than the alternative, which is not camping!  Kinda like that “a bad day on the golf course is better than a good day at the office mentality,” y’know?  Besides, it’s a quick trip and we had plenty of dry wood, propane and vittles.  The trailer doesn’t leak a drop, so hey, bring on the monsoon!  Here’s a few action shots from the nicer, sunny periods over the weekend.  Next month, we roll down to South Toledo Bend, and I’ll have more to show you from that trip.  Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for listening to The Home of Rock-N-Roll!


If you smell smoke, it’s just me…

Not a spot for skinny-dippin’