Memorial Day: Remembering The Lives Lost While Serving in Our Great Nation’s Military



Last summer, my wife and I revisited some family graves in Arlington National Cemetery. We recalled attending the burials of each family member in Arlington National Cemetery.  Some people may not know that, after the soldier is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, when the spouse passes, or even a dependent child dies, they can be buried on top of the soldier.  Every visit to the family graves are a quiet time in our lives, where we remember family that we, dearly, miss.  The Arlington National Cemetery visits are, also, moments of quiet recognition and honoring the many lives lost while serving in our great nation’s military through many generations.  There are so many that have died while serving in our military that are buried all across our nation.  I have some friends that served in our nation’s military that are buried in some ArkLaTex area graveyards.  Throughout the Memorial Day weekend every year, I take many private and quiet moments, to remember the lives lost while serving.  I, also, think of each family that supported their family soldiers, and felt the deep loss of the soldier’s life.  The families of those serving in our nation’s military are very special families to me.  I’ll, always, show support for the families, just as I do those in their families that are serving in our great nation’s military. I recall how I felt as a child, while my Dad was away, serving in Vietnam.  Any praying that I did at that young age, were (what I call) borrowed, or taught, prayers.  But, while my Dad was away in Vietnam, I started using my own, sincere, words in prayers while praying for his safe return home.  I am forever grateful that my father returned home, safely.  Some of my childhood friends lost some of their family members that were serving in Vietnam.  I’m just saying that, when a soldier is deployed, the soldier’s family goes through times of hoping, with sincere and heartfelt praying for the soldier’s safe return to the family. 

Though, all year,  we support and recognize those serving at Barksdale Air Force Base, and all around the world, the month of May is always Military Appreciation Month.  This year, we thank Barksdale Federal Credit Union for joining 98Rocks throughout this month, to remind people to recognize & appreciate the U.S. soldiers and their families. 

I invite you to visit our Journal page that covers our Arlington National Cemetery visit, as we include further information that might help you, if you ever find yourself visiting this honorable national landmark. Our Arlington Journal page HERE.  


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