Mellow Groovy

Peeled banana on white background with copy space

So I’m looking over the “Daily List of Music and/or Pop Culture Minutiae of Interest Mostly To Only Old Morning Radio Guys” and I find this tid-bit,

“Mellow Yellow” the song by Donovan, released on this date 52 years ago, in 1966.  Here,  you can sing along:

“I’m just mad about Saffron, she’s just mad about me…..”

I’ve been feeling like an Eee-lec trickle-banana in my own way of late.  Plugged-in maybe, but how do you electrify some pulp wrapped in a peel?  I feel like a blinking, neon banana sometimes, flashing off and on in a gaudy yellow hue high atop the “Smoothie Oasis,” beckoning the masses to spend generously on sugary, fruit-flavored instant gratification.   Maybe you can get yours with sprinkles and chocolate sauce.

Have a mellow-groovy sunshine-super-manly type of Monday.  And go ahead, eat a ‘nanner, and smile………

Monkey Eating Banana – Isolated


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