Meet Bubba Bubba BadToTheBone (Genuine Tom Cat)

Photo of Bubba at his little window on the Tom’s MaHaul motorhome.  It’s called a “doggie window”, but since I had to say goodbye to my dog, Lulu, last winter,  Bubba has now proclaimed the little window, as a “BubbaCat window”.  Bubba and Lulu were great together, though they were dog & cat.  For awhile, Bubba missed Lulu.  We could tell.  They played together a lot, and even napped together (at times).  Lulu was much older than Bubba, and from the time that Bubba was a kitten, I think that Bubba thought of Lulu, as the mother figure.  Lulu even taught Bubba how to fetch.  I’m serious!  Bubba travels with us, when we go in the RV, and enjoys the time.  When I’ve taken him to the vet, they’ve asked “What kind of cat is this?”.  My answer is “Tom Cat.  I’m Tom, and that’s my cat.”   When they need his name, I tell them that his first name is “Bubba”, and his middle name is “Bubba”.  His last name is “BadToTheBone”.  Bubba Bubba BadToTheBone.  Bubba knows who he is.  As you can see in the photo, Bubba is giving you that look, as if to tell you “I’m Big Bubba!  NO TRUBBA!” (aka Trouble).

Tom Michaels   



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