Me & My Ol’ 80

My wife & I took a weekend trip to East Texas in the Tom’s Mahaul motorhome. I came across a Highway 80 sign, with a story about the highway, in The Hamburger Store (Jefferson, Texas).  I know that some people hate for Highway 80 through Bossier City, to be referred to as “The Bossier Strip”, but that was what we called it, when it was the most happening place in the ArkLaTex.  Many big names played at the bars along that stretch of East Texas Street (Hwy 80) in Bossier City.  I had sideburns and moustache at 15 & 16 years old, so I managed to get through the door of many of those bars, to see Don Henley (with the Bowden boys) and many other people that went on to the “big time”.  Back then, they didn’t, closely,  check I.D.s at the door, like they do now.  You could also get a drivers license back then, at age 15.  For a time in American highway History, Highway 80 was, kind of like, Route 66.  Bonnie & Clyde, Lee Harvey Oswald were part of Highway 80 lore. Read the sign here, and you’ll notice just some of the interesting stories around Highway 80.

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