Mardi Gras Lovebugs?

Who wants another freak lovebug season in 2018?  Your answer is?….  “NO!” (correct answer).  Last year, the love bugs reached further north, than I had ever experienced, over 4+ decades. I’m sure I’ll get love bugs on the motorhome again, because a south Louisiana trip is planned for the September 29th LSU/Ole Miss football game in Red Stick (commonly known by the French name – Baton Rouge).  I expect the lovebug swarms in South Louisiana.  Maybe my sons will help keep the flat front of the bus clean, since we’re all going to that LSU game together? I just hope the thick swarms of love bugs don’t over power North Louisiana & the ArkLaTex region, like they did last year.  The love bugs even reached into downstate Arkansas, during an RV journey past Texarkana, & up to Hot Springs, last Labor Day weekend, like you see in the photo.  Along the Clyde Fant Parkway, you’ve seen the “No Throw Zone” Mardi Gras parade signs, and they had me wishing that “No Lovebug Zone” signs would work to keep the heavy swarms of lovebugs away during the late-summer.  In the end, though, we’ll “deal with it, and then leave it alone” (like Momma says).  Plenty of RVs along the Mardi Gras parades paths, between now and Fat Tuesday.  More on the remaining Mardi Gras parades and events HERE.

Tom Michaels



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