Make the Most of The Solstice

This Friday is the shortest day of the year, a reason I take no solace in the winter solstice.   For me, the more sunlight the better, but we can’t stop the world from turning.   The official beginning of winter, and start of the diminishing sunlight is 4:23 pm local.  We still get more winter sun than our neighbors to the north.  Alaska will see less than four hours of sunlight.  If the night seems to last longer to you, that may be so,  since scientists say the earth’s rotation is actually slowing a bit year by year.  Slowing by fractions of seconds sure. but slowing nonetheless.    So if you enjoy the nighttime coming on early, then get cozy and celebrate the winter solstice and its many hibernation-ready nights!  Me, I’ll start counting down to the days when I can leave the golf course after seven and still be home with daylight left for a game of corn-hole while the steaks grill.

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