The big bold winter moon, or snow moon -whatever you want to call it- offered quite a few “howl-worthy” views before the clouds finally rolled in late Sunday to obstruct it entirely.   I don’t believe  I harbor any werewolf tendencies, but in addition to feeling the need to make guttural vocal proclamations before the orb,  I sure was hungrier than usual this weekend.  I wonder if there exists such a thing as a carnivore moon?  Perhaps a certain time of year and angle in the sky when the pull of gravity succumbs to our inner pull for a triple-cheese with extra bacon.  The more rare the better.  Dripping in some juices.  A side of pork ribs too.  What the hell, might as well go for the trifecta and toss a couple fried chickens in there too.

I don’t know how long the effects of such a lunar phenomenon might last, but I could stand to gain a few pounds.   Besides, I’ve gotta keep my strength up to yank these long canine-like hairs out of the back of my hand….