Looking Back…

Here’s a rundown of some memorable events to occur on April 19th over the years…

247 years ago – In 1775, the Revolutionary War began with the battles of Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts.

125 years ago – In 1897, the very first Boston Marathon was run.  It’s the oldest marathon in America.

71 years ago – In 1951, Shigeki Tanaka, who survived the atomic blast at Hiroshima during World War 2, won the 55th Boston Marathon.

43 years ago – In 1979, with the first pick of the NBA draft, the Los Angeles Lakers chose some Michigan State guard named Magic Johnson.  He stepped down from being the team president in 2019.

40 years ago – In 1982, NASA chose Sally Ride as the First Woman Astronaut . . . and also named Guion Bluford Jr. as the First Black Astronaut for U.S. space missions.  His first space shuttle mission was a year later, in August 1983.

36 years ago – In 1986, Prince became the fifth songwriter to have two Top 10 hits at the same time . . . with his songs Kiss and The Bangles’ smash Manic Monday.

35 years ago – In 1987, “The Simpsons” premiered as a cartoon short between skits on the second episode of Fox’s now-defunct “Tracey Ullman Show”.  “The Simpsons” is now the longest-running scripted TV series in U.S. history.

34 years ago – In 1988, Sonny Bono was sworn in as mayor of Palm Springs, California.  He skied into a tree and died 10 years later, on January 5th, 1998.

29 years ago – In 1993, David Koresh, and possibly 86 of his followers, including 17 children, died in a raging fire at the Branch Davidian headquarters in Waco, Texas, after the FBI tried to drive them out with tear gas.  The FBI called the deaths “a mass suicide”.

28 years ago – In 1994, Nas released his debut album “Illmatic”.

27 years ago – In 1995, a truck bomb destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people and injuring hundreds more.  Timothy McVeigh was later convicted of federal murder charges and sentenced to death.  He was finally executed on June 11th, 2001.  Terry Nichols got life in prison for conspiracy and involuntary manslaughter in connection with the bombing.

25 years ago – In 1997, Andre Agassi destroyed his tennis career by marrying Brooke Shields.  She had their marriage “annulled” in 1999, allowing her the option of remarrying in the Catholic Church, which a “divorce” would not allow.

10 years ago – In 2012, Levon Helm of The Band died at 71 after a battle with throat cancer.  He was in Coal Miner’s Daughter and sang “Blue Moon of Kentucky” for the soundtrack.  He also narrated the end of The Right Stuff.

10 years ago – In 2012, Greg Ham from Men at Work was found dead in his home at age 58.  He played the sax solo on Who Can It Be Now and the flute solo on Down Under.


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