Lookin’ Around

This post is mostly pictorial, the idea courtesy Number One Daughter Jessica, who suggested while perusing my photo file this weekend that I include more of my interesting pics in upcoming blogs.  So included are some favorites from the past several months.  For Shelley and me, “Let’s go take a look around” is a regular phrase wherever we roam, so I’m never short of opportunities to point my phone/camera in the direction of something I haven’t seen before.  Hope you enjoy.  Oh yeah, the featured image above was taken earlier this fall in Richmond, Va.  The reflection of the old building on the modern glass architecture caught my eye.

This pic of an old magnolia, called a cucumber tree was taken about the same time in nearby Petersburg.  That’s my nephew, Chris with his back to the shot, and the wife, my Mom and Sis near the tree.   I’ve included a shot of the placard to get the history right for you sticklers.

Also in Petersburg, sister Mandy, Mom and Shelley explore a secluded courtyard.

Closer to home, a view of Lake Claiborne taken on our Thanksgiving camping trip.

The obligatory entrance-selfie…me and my Sweetie!

“Honey I shrunk the turkey!!”  Thanksgiving dinner at the campsite consisted of a couple Cornish hens with all the trimmings.

Finally, looking down into the spillway from atop the dam at Claiborne.



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