To LOCK, or not to Lock

We share workstations around here, which is fine with me.  Except when it comes to CAPS-LOCK!  I don’t know why this is a pet-peeve.  It’s a pretty petty peeve at that, being as my day isn’t going to be wrecked because I had to re-enter a password or re-write a few lines of copy.  Just that it strikes me personally as an unnatural state to leave the keyboard in.  Like a door left ajar, putting the milk back in the fridge with an eigth of an ounce left in it or leaving the seat up in the can. (That one the ladies can really relate to )  When I get settled in and ready to write, I guess I just expect the keyboard to be in it’s traditional configuration…which to me is lower-case unless I elect otherwise.  Hey, I don’t mind if you want to WRITE EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME IN CAPS.  Just un-lock when you are through, on behalf of those of us picky !!%$**@@’s  who have nothing better to complain about!

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