98Rocks Back In Day – Cotton Balls & Blackburn’s Jam 1988

I received a surprise in my email inbox ( [email protected] ) the other day.  During the early years of 98Rocks, we had a crazy contest, for tickets to the Cotton Bowl Texas Jam.  Locally grown cotton, and Jefferson Texas made Blackburn’s Jam. Thanks for the photo, and refreshing my memory.  To get a better understanding of what is going on in the photo, let me share Frank’s email (below).  Tom Michaels

“There was a roadside stunt for 98 Rocks to win tickets to the Texas Jam.  They first had to fill a bowl with cotton and smear on Blackburn’s jam and then had to do something else.  One hit his head on the cotton bowl and the other sat in the cotton.  They won tickets and a hotel room.”



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