LIVE @ CenturyLink Center – The Linemen!

While driving the Teague Parkway in South Bossier City, near the CenturyLink Center, I noticed many power company trucks coming and going as they are staging in full force, at that huge arena parking lot.  The crews have been busy restoring power after Hurricane Laura blew through here.  Power is being restored around our region, and they’re making sure it stays on.  The temperature is 98.1 degrees, and they’re taking care of business. We have friends and family in South Louisiana on our minds, though, as they took the brunt of the hurricane winds and storms.  Looking around and 98Rocks Facebook, you’ll see various ways that you can help.  I’m very grateful that some of my family in South Louisiana are doing just fine now.  I spotted the (above) sign on the corner near the CenturyLink Center.  Nice gesture by someone.


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