Broke with tradition this year.  For the first time ever, the outdoor light installation didn’t involve a step-ladder or a trip onto the roof.  No pesky, flimsy plastic hooks desperately trying to keep a grip on the shingles, or entire strands ruined by a misguided shot from the staple gun.  No duct-tape or wire ties.  Nope, this was the year we entered the “projection-age” and bought a couple of those laser light spitting spots to illuminate the place.  Shove ’em into the earth, plug ’em in and consult the instructions on the remote.  Soon tiny holiday-infused photons will be floating through hundreds of square feet of your space, plus a good bit of your neighbor’s space.  Not to mention a lot of space above your place, literally off into space, and high into any surrounding treetops.  My one concession were my plastic lighted Christmas Trees, which also get staked into the ground, but are connected by a continuous cord.  As for the boxes and boxes of Christmas light strands of all lengths and colors, some l.e.d. some the good-ol’ incandescent kind, I suppose the official Keeper of the Decorations will spend many hours determining which are still viable for indoor use, or for around the patio out back, or at the campgrounds.  The rest will certainly end up being recycled, providing enough material for a strand of lights stretching all the way to the Moon.  Unless it becomes a tangled mess, or just one bulb goes out….



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