Let Me Punch-Out Early…

Four-day workweek?  Give it to me! But it’s hard to imagine ANY companies in the U.S. ever going for this plan . . . they’re all about working us to the bone, baby!   But in New Zealand, a financial services company  switched from a regular five-day work week to a FOUR-DAY work week back in November.  And two universities monitored how it turned out.  The answer:  It was a massive success. The workers were 20% more productive on the four days they were at the office, so the company didn’t see any drop in the total amount of work getting done, even though they were working less hours. And the staff’s stress levels dropped from 45% to 38% . . . and work-life balance scores went up from 54% to 78%.  Makes me wonder what my “work-life balance” score is.  Jeez, who know there was such a thing.  The CEO of the company says, quote, “This is an idea whose time has come.  We need to get more companies to give it a [try].  They’ll be surprised at the improvement in their company, their staff, and in their wider community.”   I’m hoping our CEO reads this blog.

Here’s more: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2019/feb/19/four-day-week-trial-study-finds-lower-stress-but-no-cut-in-output


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