3 letters in their first names, and 2 Ps in their second names.  Led Zeppelin & Def Leppard.  Is there a connection?  Ancient astronaut Theorists say… “YES!”  Not really.  I don’t know what ancient astronaut theorists would say about that.  I watch Ancient Aliens on TV, and some of their stuff, has me thinkin’  “Hmmmm?”.  But, just maybe, there is something to this?  I encourage you to not lose any sleep, wondering about this, though.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Above is the photo of the Led Zeppelin blimp, flying over Bobby’s office. That zeppelin was inflated almost 2 decades ago. So, the air inside of it, is 2 decades old. If we let the air out, from inside of the zeppelin, that air would be introduced to today’s air.  We can’t remember who actually blew their breath into that zeppelin, so maybe the air inside of the blimp, is better staying in there?

I know what you’re thinkin’ (about my thoughts on those matters).  You’re thinkin’, “That boy ain’t right”.

Tom Michaels

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