Lazy Day

Yes it’s a thing…National Lazy Day.  Just another name for Sunday for some, but if the first day of your week often greets you with chaos, take heart!  Make it a Lazy Day.  It’s officially sanctioned, after all, and you just didn’t do quite enough of nothing over the weekend to sate your sloth-like tendencies.

If you are more the eager-beaver type, always on the move and shunning of idle, unproductive time, then go get busy with something!   Or maybe take a cue from the celebrators of  Lazy Day, and switch into low gear for a change.   Find a hammock, a slice of shade, and maybe rediscover that unique refreshment of an ice-cold lemonade.  Yes, that’s it.  Become one with the sugary citrus quaff, feel yourself in fine-tuned focus, the slight, warming glow in the solar plexus.  Well, that could be some reflux from the lemons…acidic, you know.  Nonetheless, savor the sweet slowness of a lazy day now and then.  There’s not much that can’t wait until tomorrow, and you might end up feeling like you accomplished quite a bit, by doing nothing at all.  It happens.  Plus, you don’t have to wear a mask.

If they had a t-shirt, I might have just enough motivation to order one.  Some other day.  Here’s more:

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