Latest Numbers
  • Here are the latest numbers as expanded testing in the United States reveals more cases of COVID-19.
  • While the US now has over 148,000 reported cases and more than 2,600 have died – 84% of tests nationally are coming back negative.
  • Johns Hopkins University reports over 755,000 global cases. More than 36,000 have died. Recoveries are approaching 160,000.
  • People 60 and older and those with underlying health conditions are at greater risk of severe symptoms. People 80 years and older are at even greater risk of death. However, 20% of those hospitalized are in their 20s to mid-40s. Most will show only mild or no symptoms at all. So, hospitals say do not go to the emergency room unless you’re having trouble breathing.
  • Keeping gatherings to 10 people or less is still recommended.
  • Have you taken increased precautions as numbers rise? Are you avoiding your older relatives while still making sure they are taken care of? Do you know someone who has tested negative?
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