Late August Brings Change

Welcome change, that should read, unless you’ve been enjoying our life of late in a virtual slow-cooker.  Set the crock-pot for 101, add plenty of humidity, a little of the local flora and fauna, (which would be us) cover and forget about it for over a solid month.  Then when everybody’s nerves are tenderly parboiled,  remove from heat and promise a fresh basting of cool, refreshing rain.  Then, promise some more. Just keep telling everyone that this Wednesday is “Super Duper Rainer Day” get ready for it, it’s a near 100% chance of…well wait, now maybe about 75%, for sure, or that could just be areas north of I-20, but still, count on 50%, guaranteed, probably.  And it’s gonna hammer us, see, just look into our “Mystical Tomorrow Tracker”  see your neighborhood will be pounded at 4:22 that afternoon.  Unless it comes a little later, like 11:22 tomorrow evening.  But that’s only a 20% chance, so…just better get ready for something Big on the way.  Someday.  Wait, maybe that was actually the UPS truck at 4:22 and the storms at 5:09?  Look, we’ll scroll whatever comes up on the bottom of the screen for you, so just sit tight.

Who would have expected, after all the disappointing promises of precipitation to come and go over the course of our hot, dry, abysmal July, that a week’s worth of rainy days may actually be upon us?  Well, we’re off to a decent start, and I for one hope it stays around for awhile.

Now then, the featured image above is a heron I spied on a recent, sweltering trip to Lake O’ The Pines in Etex.  Some say a visit from a heron is an omen, perhaps a harbinger of things to come.   Maybe placing her prominently in this blog will favor a pattern of seasonable weather for us.  Hey, she doesn’t have Doppler radar at her disposal, but she don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows anyway.  If she want to eat, she’s fishing no matter what the forecast.

You’ll find complete weather information right here on our site:   Far as I’m concerned, it’s as accurate as any of the others, because rarely does anybody ever get it right anyway.


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