Keep You Pet Cool!


Summer has begun and wants to you to include your family pup for some fun in the sun with tips to keep your dog safe and happy during the hotter months.  The number one tip to keep your pooch cool is to be mindful of their outdoor play areas.  Make sure your dog has a shaded area with cool water while they’re out in the sun and if you can avoid peak heat hours outdoors.  You should also know the signs of your pet overheating which include excessive panting, drooling or body weakness.

With summer comes the increased use of pesticides, which have chemicals that are toxic to your pooch.  The ASPCA recommends keeping your animals away from citronella candles and tiki torches, too.

Do you have any tips to keep your outdoor-loving dog cool and safe in the heat?   Frozen treats?  A little ice the the water dish or a sprinkler to play in?

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a cool and comfy spot inside…maybe on Dad’s favorite chair…