I’ve matured, somewhat, since 1988 – 98Rocks Back In The Day

And, yet another email from “Frank” in East Texas.  Thanks for the email ( [email protected] ).   Apparently, in 1988, we did the crazy contest to give away Cotton Bowl Texas Jam concert tickets and hotel room, where contestants smeared Blackburns jam on themselves, and plastered cotton balls on the smeared jam, in front of everyone at a busy intersection.  I’m not sure where this photo was taken, but you see a TG&Y & One Hour Photo in the background.  Shreve City?  Heart o’ Bossier?  East Texas St?  The 80s are like … foggy, to me, but I, vaguely, remember this space in time.  Here’s the info on what is in the photo, from the email that I received.  Tom Michaels

This taken in 1988 Left to right: Wesley Player, Sean Knight, 98 Rocks Shreveport/Bossier DJ Tom Michaels, and William Pritchett in the background with bandana and earring.  There was a roadside stunt for 98 Rocks to win tickets to the `88 Texas Jam. 



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