It’s Not Ezee, Being Cheezee

Say “CHEEEZ!”.  It’s the time of year, with family visiting for the holidays, or company Christmas parties, that I’ve heard “Say CHEEZE!”, when photos are being taken.   I was seated under a big screen TV at a restaurant, when the Cheez It commercial appeared on the television above me.  Someone yelled “Hey Tom.  Say CHEEZE!”.  I refused to say it, so I just looked cheezy, when they snapped the photo.  When my sons were just small kids, I used to make that face, and they would get a frightened look on their faces.  The kids also thought that I whooped Hulk Hogan in the ring.  I think we were watching the Hulkster ‘rasslin’ on TV, back then, and I might have told them that “I can whoop his ass”.  One of my sons told his first grade teacher that their Dad could whip Hulk Hogan.  I went to the school’s open house (parent/teacher day), and the first grade teacher praised my son for being so smart, bright and all of that good stuff, but then she revealed that my son told her that his Dad could whoop Hulk Hogan.  When that teacher told me that, I might have made the same (cheezy) face that you see in the photo there.

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