It’s Monday.  But…

Too damn early, especially for a Monday, but the sooner I get it underway, the sooner it’s in the books. Checking out the calendar and trying to figure out when to use up a handful of vacation days before year’s end, I noticed that today is one of only seven remaining Mondays in 2020.  One of those Mondays my first-born, Jessica,  will celebrate birthday number twenty-nine.   Another one, I’m scheduled for a colonoscopy.  Maybe the remaining ones, (except for today) have paid time-off potential.  I mean, if the last seven weeks are true to 2020 form, then it’ll feel like seven months probably.  Take all the time off you can, check  out of the world for awhile and focus on yourself.  The coronavirus is always lurking, hurricanes will  keep coming, the political hatred and infighting will continue and if you don’t look at facebook for a few days no big.  It’ll likely be there when  you decide to check back in.  If you do.  You might find you enjoy engaging more fully in your own  life, than looking through a virtual keyhole at others’ antics.

Back to Monday.  With only seven left this year, I plan make the most of each one and the week that follows.   Wrap-up this sometimes dismal year productively and filled with optimism.

This Monday is colder than usual, 41 at the airport as of this writing, my backyard is about 36.  This week will feature lows in the 40’s, mid-70 highs.  The only time I don’t plan to be outdoors enjoying the weather, is if I’m in the on-air studio.