It’s In The Air

Winter may be loosening its grip on the Ark-La-Tex, but the lusty lizard pictured has got a firm hold on Spring Fever.  Again this year the thaw is early, the birds, the bees the bugs and the lizards are on the prowl and it is green everywhere.  I had to roll down the window to fully enjoy the moist mild upper 60’s on the way in this morning.  Also hoped it would help air-out the pickup of the ever-present dog aroma.  When the smell is funkier than two little trees can mask, it might be time for a nice detail job.  Not today though, since a big Wednesday awaits.  Last day of the month so there’s money in the bank for a little while.  It hangs-out in the account only briefly, then is zipped to whomever it is owed without even a “nice to seeya again.”   Gotta get to the atm after work before  my whole check just becomes so much code flying through cyberspace.  Zak’s birthday dinner is tonight, early with the old folks, so on his big day tomorrow he can party-down in proper 24 year-old fashion.   Trying to remember my 24th…  No way, forget it, like trying to remember my first bowl of Froot-Loops.  Speaking of which, I have the morning music experience to attend to, so I best get my eyes on the on-air ball.  The weather could get rough later today.  We’ll keep an eye on it, and traffic too.  Drive safely, and don’t get distracted by those Spring-Fever feelings you may be having.  These urges are purely natural….

I thought I smelled like a daisy….



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