It’s History

Checking in with a few tidbits of note from Zeptember 10ths gone by…

– In 1955, “Gunsmoke” made its TV debut . . . If you’re channel-surfing and it pops-up, would you watch an episode or two?  I do that now and again.  Might even stop on “Gilligan’s Island” or “I Dream of Genie” if it’s deep into happy hour.

– In 1988, Van Halen’s When It’s Love hit #5 on the singles chart , also that year Robert Palmer’s Simply Irresistible peaked at #2, and Guns ‘N Roses’ Sweet Child O’ Mine hit #1.  The Home of Rock-N-Roll was crankin’ ’em out for you!

– In 1989, Deion Sanders made sports history! On September 6th, 1989, Deion hit a home run for the New York Yankees.  Four days later, on this day (September 10th, 1989) he ran a punt back 68 yards to score a touchdown for the Atlanta Falcons, making him the only person to ever hit a home run and score a touchdown in the same week.

– In 1990, Will Smith made his TV debut on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

– In 2010, the fourth “Resident Evil” movie, Resident Evil: Afterlife hit theaters.  It made $300 million worldwide.  The sixth and final movie was the most successful movie in the franchise.  “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” earned $312 million in 2017.

And Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry  is 70.




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