It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…

It looks a lot like Christmas here at the radio station, but my personal seasonal expression is a little more low-key..  The Christmas socks always seem to be my first choice of Holiday apparel.  Thanks to Sweetie I have some new designs in the collection this year.  I guess I like to ease into the decking of the halls a little at a time.  Definitely not the day after Thanksgiving.  Now my neighbors across the street, the Frazier Family, have  a regular dazzling Winter Wonderland working right now, and I love it!!  But I’ll wait just a few days longer to light our place up.  Some lights are already strung and awaiting the go-ahead for juice.  Thanks Rauland, by the way, for saving me a harrowing trip up the stepladder this year.  (The daughter’s main-squeeze comes in handy now and again.)

The real gaudy cheezeball holiday suits are on display everywhere, and hey I suppose “ugly” is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to clothing covered with reindeer and snowmen and shimmery trees and ornaments.  I’ll move from socks to a sweater, maybe go as far as a Santa hat.  After an eggnog or three.  Wear your Christmas Joy with pride, and if uglier makes you more festive and happier, then go for it!



I have no idea who these people are…



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