It’s A Chili Kind of Day

And a chilly kind of day as well no doubt, perfect weather conditions to cook up a pot of hot and savory beefy goodness in celebration of National Chili Day!  If this day was marked on your culinary calendar, then you probably already have the essential ingredients on hand and ready to be transformed into “Cindy’s Famous Chili” or “Ed’s Famous Chili” or maybe “Grand Daddy’s Drop to your knees and Beg for Mercy Chili!”  That last one probably has crawfish and japalenos in it, I’m guessing.  Point is, chili is one of those “signature dishes” that everybody makes a little bit differently, despite tossing much of the same stuff into the pot as the other guy.  That’s why we like chili cook-offs, and rib cook-offs and Dutch oven gatherings and monster trucks…same stuff, served a bit differently.  Of course we all know someone who’s so-called famous family recipe consists almost entirely of the contents of a little packet labelled “McCormick.”  Hmm.  We’ll humor those types.  At least they put forth the effort to brown some meat and throw it all together.  “Oh, I needed MEAT too?”  We forgive you, just pass those Fritos please.

A poll for National Chili Day found our favorite ways to eat it include in a bowl, on hot dogs, and on fries.  But some of us prefer it on spaghetti, and some say mixing it with mac-and-cheese is best.  More useless chili-related info here:




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