Inspector Tom Needs An Inspection Sticker

Full cup of coffee?  Check.  Headphones plugged in?  Check.  Drama left outside of the control room door?  Check.  Ready to ROCK at work?  Check.  Yeah, I do a few inspections, before entering the studio to rock you while you work.  Another inspection needs to be taken care of this month, though.  I noticed that the Louisiana vehicle inspection sticker on my Jeep windshield, expires June 2018.  There’s a place on my way home from work, that will handle that task.  Be sure to check and see if your Louisiana state inspection sticker on your vehicle is still valid,  or at least, by checking, it’ll remind you of when it does expire.  I’ll, likely, do the 2-year inspection sticker again.  I think that I’ll keep this Jeep that long, at least.

Thanks for rockin’ at work with me, and rockin’ here on the website, as well as on the 98Rocks app on your phone.  You’re a part of 98Rocks, and we’re appreciative of you.

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