I’m about recalled out.  Know what I mean, Vern?  It’s hard to keep up with all of the recalls.  It, also, takes time to do something about a recalled item, after you’ve purchased it.  Am I right, or am I right?  I have to take it back somewhere, to get a replacement, or a part to fix the recalled problem.  Or, I have to take the time and get online,  and provide a lot of information on a recall page, and wait on a replacement to show up in a package at my door.  Sometimes, I have to call a phone number, and press this and that on my phone, to get to the recall department, & then I have to listen to some phone music (about the same as elevator music), while I wait for an available, “live”, human being to ask me some questions about my recall.  Then, the person provides further instructions as to what to do next.  Recalls for this… and, that.  I joked to a friend, while he was using a toothpick to replace a cigarette (he’s trying to keep to his New Year’s resolution, to quit smoking).  I,  frantically, said to him “OH NO, man!!!  Didn’t you hear about the recall on those toothpicks??!!”  His girlfriend looked at me, as if she thought that I was serious.  I told her that there is even a recall on fingernail clippers, as I noticed her beautifully manicured fingernails.  Someone even told me, recently, that there was a recall on certain shoe strings.  Jeez!  Seriously?

I recall waking up this morning, and feeding Bubba BadToTheBone (my cat), before my first cup of coffee.  I need to check and see if the cat food, or coffee maker, have recalls?  I recall driving to work this morning.  I, even, recall being here yesterday, rockin’ on 98Rocks.  But, tomorrow, I’ll recall being here today (with more recall notices in my mail box, and email).




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