I’m T. Texas Tom For a Week….

Everyone knows that I love to get out around the ArkLaTex in the Tom’sMaHaul motorhome studio. I get out in the area about two weekends a month (if not more).  I’ve been doing some work, away from work, though, and it’s kept me busy on weekends, since January.  BUT, that work-away-from-work is done!  I’ve headed west this time.  First stop is Jefferson, Texas, to visit with some friends that I haven’t seen since the WTW New Year’s Eve party.  Then, I’ll find Lake Hawkins (Tx), as that is one of the few places in the ArkLaTex that I haven’t been to, yet.  After that, we’ll stop in Terrell, Texas for a night, to prepare the Tom’sMaHaul for a full week of boondocking in the Texas Motor Speedway RV campgrounds.  By Tuesday, I expect to be in my TMS camping spot, with some friends in their RVs arriving by Wednesday or Thursday.  I like to be the first of the group, to get there.  Plus, I have friends and family in the DFW area, that will stop by.  I’ll be checking in during my show on 98Rocks, though.  You’ll still get your $1000 Cash Clean Sweep keywords at 11am & 2pm, while I’m on the road.  I’ll, definitely, check in to do that.  I sure don’t want you to miss out on, possibly, winning some $$$$.  I’ll, also, have the Gig Guides and I’ll cover some other radio business, while on road, but rest assured, you’ll get LOTS of rock while you work, including the 98 Minute Commercial-Free Music Meltdowns.  Thanks to Otto, for running the controls in the studio.  I’ll be hangin’ out at 98Rocks Facebook (off & on) while I’m on the road , too, where I’ll try to post some photos of the journey, or other musings & whatnot.  And, I might be inspired to write a blog or two (or more), in my blog section on the website. Technology allows me to be here, when I’m there.  Or, be there when I’m here?  No matter where I go, there I am.

As always, my friends, thank you for rockin’ with 98Rocks on your radios, on the website @ 98Rocks.fm, and on the 98Rocks app (like I’ll be doing at Texas Motor Speedway).

Tom (aka T. Texas Tom, this week)



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