I Wonder If He Thinks His Name is “NO!” ?

Do you think that he believes his name is “NO!”?  My cat misbehaves, quite often.  My cat’s name is Bubba.  His middle name is Bubba, too.  His last name is BadToTheBone.  We rescued him, from out on Cross Lake, when he was a kitten.  My dogs over the years, have all been rescue dogs.  But, I must have prayed for patience a few years ago.  I discovered that praying for patience, is something that I don’t do often, because it’s not given to me.  I have to earn it.  Maybe, you undersand?  Bubba challenges my patience,  and serenity, sometimes.  I find myself shouting “NO!” to my cat, almost every day.  Sometimes, 3 or 4 times in the evening.  I wonder if he thinks that his name is “NO!”?  Bubba likes to block the box, where my remote control changes channels.  He likes to get in the way of the invisible connection between my remote control and the cable box.  He likes staring at the TV , and maybe he doesn’t want me to change the channel from whatever he’s watching, so he gets in the way of my remote control making a connection to change the channel?  My cat misbehaves in other ways, too.  One time Bubba knocked some marbles into the garbage disposal at my kitchen sink. There was no damage, though.  Those are just a few examples of Bubba Bubba BadToTheBone’s misbehaving.  I must have prayed for patience a few years ago, and Bubba is proving to me that, I have to earn patience. It’s not a given.  I have to put some effort into it.  Bubba is a good cat, though.  He does make me laugh, sometimes.  Like when he’s trying to catch jumping crickets on the patio.  Bubba has some kindness in him, too, because he’ll sit and listen to me pick out tunes on one of my guitars (though I may screw up, sometimes).  Bubba is known to, frantically, run all around the house, before reporting for doo-tee at his litter box.  I don’t know why he does that?  I mean, I know why he does #1 & #2, but why does he run around the house like a crazy cat, right before he goes to his litter box?  I named him after the song “Bad To The Bone”, when George Thorogood sings “BubbaBubba Bad To The Bone”.  I pick that song my guitar for Bubba, sometimes.




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