I Stay Away

Again.  Day number two of mandatory exile from the radio station.  Since mid-March, only the very minimum of essential staffers, including on-air people like myself, have been permitted in the office.   Studios and “high-touch” areas were disinfected both before and after a very short two or three hour work-shift.  What you couldn’t get done in that time period you would do at home if possible, otherwise it had to ride until next time. I rarely saw more than four or five other coworkers between six and nine am, we kept our distance and some even diligently wore masks. (If I am not at home, in  my car or in the on-air studio-the places I feel most safe from exposure-then I don a face-mask.  Or a bandanna, since I rather like the “outlaw look.”)  And so we rolled at Alpha Media, infection free  since March 16 until….just last week

The nugget of good new is the patient is on the upswing after several rough days of fever, nausea and loss of appetite and sense of taste.  Not a harmless walk in the park for sure.  I’ll respect the privacy of this coworker and not name them, but it is not a 98 Rocks personality.  Just the same, everyone here has an important role to play, and we are all family despite our different formats. We are dancing to different tunes, but playing on the same stage.  Hmmm, anyplace else that concept might be helpful these days?

Other good news is this person apparently didn’t have an excessive amount of contact with others in the building, and those who did are being tested.  We were ordered away over the weekend, so Monday and Tuesday arrangements could be made to professionally super-clean the whole joint.  Even without a pandemic that would be quite the task in our building.  Of course, when I left the station last week, ready for the big holiday weekend coming up, I left a few things hanging to take care of first thing Monday.  Oh well. Will not get to them today either.  Such are Covid-Days.

If all goes as planned with the Alpha-decontamination, I’ll be back on the air Wednesday at 6AM from completely sterile environs.  I look forward to talking and rockin’ with you then!  If you don’t hear my voice for some reason, keep an eye on this space for details.  I’ll definitely be here at home writing and posting updates for you.

Keep yourself healthy, keep your distance when you need to, keep the music playing and keep your faith, whatever it may be.





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