I Paddle Out

The first full week of the month of June is vacation time for the morning guy,  and it looks to be plenty hot as we yank the trailer to yet another campsite to call the woods and lakefront our backyard for a time.  Next week coincides with the wife’s birthday too, (June 6) so there is more to celebrate than just the getaway alone.  Matter of fact, a couple other special birthdays are this month; my Mom on June 9, and sister Mandy on the 12th.   Sticky-note posted to remind me to call and send cards.  Yeah, even if I do the e-card thing, I still have to mail a traditional “analog” greeting, if that’s the proper terminology.  Clicking on an icon to send dancing balloons or a cheery lilt sung by animated fairies is sweet enough I suppose, but doesn’t take the heart or effort of selecting a greeting card with words that don’t make you wretch, penning something heartfelt in your own words as well, then putting a stamp on it and dropping it into a mailbox.  Lot of people today find it strange to go through all that just to say “Happy Birthday” to someone.  Geez, they say, you should’ve just texted ’em a cake emoji.  Right.  Here’s another mind-blower for the youthful set:  I sign and address the  card in cursive.    If you think that’s an expletive, Google it my child, and try out your manual dexterity with an ink pen.   And no, you don’t need Wi-Fi to use one.  Until my return, keep rockin’!

An amphibian resident of our front yard: (pic: Shelley Adams Strezo) 





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