I Have, Finally, Found Myself

Back in the 70s, the “cool” thing was, to go out and…find yourself.  Maybe, it was just the crowd that I hung out with, that thought it was “the cool thing” to do.  When someone would ask what condition that my condition was in (line from a, cool, classic song), I’d just say “I’m here just trying to find myself”.  Speaking of  “cool”.  Back then, I thought the movie “Easy Rider” was (VERY) cool.  I watched the movie recently, and told some friends that I thought the film is, rather, cheezy, seeing it now.  Dennis Hopper was always a cool & hip, dude, though.  Peter Fonda, at that time, was kind of … cheezy, but when Mr. Fonda showed up in the Ghost Rider movie (with Nicolas Cage), Fonda became “cool” again.   I remember driving to work one morning, and seeing over-turned cars & staged mayhem.  It was when Nicolas Cage was in Shreveport, and they were filming an action scene for another one of his movies.  Anyway.  These days, I tell myself “No matter where you go,…. there you are”.  That makes it easier to … find myself.

So.  I’ve found myself here today, delivering on the promise of more rock while you work.




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