The official Mardi Gras flag has been hoisted by the wifey, who has a flag, banner, doily, wall-hanging, garden marker or figurine for  every known holiday, and probably some you haven’t heard of.  A schoolteacher thing, I think.  But the fact that it is on display makes it more real to me.  Mardi Gras time again at last!  A big Cajun “Woo-Hoo: to that!   Shouldn’t we all be ready for some carnival this year?  We’ve been frozen, flooded, baked and wind-blown for a year, and that’s just the weather.  Time to let it all hang out at the celebration of your choice.  Maybe it is of your own making, maybe you like the big productions, either way there is Mardi Gras fun aplenty in our neck of the woods.  If you’re a first-timer, you will be blown away by the intensity of being among hundreds of thousands of revelers with a common cause:  get them beads!!  If it is your first parade I hope you have a local along to show you the ropes, the good-time intensity level can be intimidating to the uninitiated.  Put on the goofy hat, you’ll assimilate easier.  Oh, and as for the Purple, Green and Gold colors prevalent during Mardi Gras, they represent justice, faith and power, respectively.   I had the opportunity to ride on a float many years ago.  To look out on that wildy happy sea of humanity while I flung beads until my arm was numb, was an unforgettable experience.  Even though whatever I was being served in those dixie cups during the ride should have erased all my memories.  A parade leaves a big impression.  I piloted a station van on a couple occasions as well, and that too is unforgettable, as you get a sober perspective (yes, drivers get tested before they roll in case you didn’t know) and you are closer to the ground and the people.  Some go after the tosses like rabid dogs, others chill in lawn chairs in the back row, happy to play deep and catch the “long-balls.”  Lent begins three weeks from tomorrow on Ash Wednesday, so plan your Mardi Party for Fat Tuesday, February 13th, or before. (But not before The Feast of The Epiphany, or Three Kings Day, which was January 6th this year)  The penitence kicks-in Ash Wednesday, so suffer honorably.  If you were ever schooled by a nun with a big wooden ruler, I think you deserve Lenten brownie-points. You’ve sacrificed much, my friend.  If you find  you’re suffering too much the morning after the big parade,  get in touch with anyone here at the station.  We know some people who can drip some life back into you during a critical hangover.  Quite literally.  Here’s a few dates:

February 3- Krewe of Centaur Parade/   February 9-11- Mardi Gras Upriver in Jefferson, TX/   February 10-Krewe of Gemini Parade/  February 11-Krewe of Highland Parade.   More events and details always available when you visit our Gig-Guide page.  Let the Good Times Roll, Ya’ll!  Blog atcha later…

-Bobby Cook

“Throw me sumthin’ mister!”


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