Humming Along

When my fuzzy-slippered feet met the great outdoors on Saturday morning it seemed Springtime had taken a sick day already.  Showers and temps in the 40’s does not make me springy or happy, but never fear, even the cool spell could not deter the hummingbirds.  This little guy was up before the sun and getting a nice long draw on the fresh nectar before being dive-bombed by his fellow humming adversaries, and they are aplenty in my neighborhood.  I like a hummingbird’s style;  pop-in quick, hover a bit, grab a drink and seeya!  Can’t stay long ’cause he’s got places to go and birds to see.  Other feeders to defend, and flowering plants full of blooms dripping glistening sweetness to recon and sample.  I can while away the better part of a morning watching these guys aerial dogfights as they flit from yard-to-yard making amazing maneuvers around fence-posts, arbors and carports.  Bet you’ve been buzzed by one at some time or another and wondered what that sharp-pointy beak would feel like if it impaled your schnozz.  But they pilot their tiny bodies too precisely for such an error of navigation to occur, at least I’m not familiar with any hummingbird-to-human injuries. But I’ll keep a look out.  Lately nothing surprises me much.  Fly high today!



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