Howsabout Some Eggs?

Being as I am the “Morning Show Guy*” or “Breakfast Show Presenter” as they say in Europe, I figured it apt to use this space to talk about one of my fave foods, mornings or anytime, the humble egg.  Well, not so humbly-priced lately, but still a lot of compact protein laden poultry bang for your buck. (As I write this, I hear Tom Michaels  on-air sharing details of his egg and bacon sandwich brunch in the control room.  Huh.  Coincidence, or…Conspiracy!!)  Either way, you can’t beat a good old egg sammich.  With or without bacon, or ham, or even salsa (if you don’t mind ’em a bit on the sloppy side).  Speaking of sloppy, how runny do you like those yolks?  Not at all, like my wife, who prefers the yolk a hard yellow hockey-puck, and the white super solid, with a bit of crispiness even?  Uggh.  But I fix them that way for her, cooked to death.  Kinda hard to make an egg sandwich with too runny a yolk, but through trial and error, you can arrive at the perfect viscosity for munching behind the wheel without too much drippage.

Me, I like to slurp them bad boys!  How else can you scarf down some dry diner toast, lest it’s drowned in the orange ooey-gooey lusciousness of a river of yolk?  Those little plastic boxes of “mixed fruit” jelly?  C’mon people, those are just decoration!  Calling that stuff fruit is like calling a vienna sausage meat.

Runny egg yolks were the subject of an article I ran across this morning, whether or not they are safe to eat.  I’ve never had any health issues from runny egg yolks, but I don’t exactly have a “sensitive” stomach. I can toss anything down there without worry most days, at any time of the day, but in the interest of public health at large, I’ll share details of the story here.  Then, with my appetite now worked-up, I’m heading home to whip up 3 or 4 runny ones, with a lot of hot sauce and some Down Home sausage.  Then, I’m unavailable until after nap-time.

Is It Safe To Eat Runny Egg Yolks? Here’s What Experts Say.  Make sure your egg is cooked to a temperature of 144 F to 158 F. Proper storage of eggs is important. When you take the eggs out of the fridge, don’t leave them out on the counter.Put them back right away. (Hmmm, where have I seen flats and flats of unrefrigerated eggs stacked right over a griddle?  Oh yeah, just about every diner in the world) Buy pasteurized eggs if you are going to eat runny eggs. If you are immunocompromised do NOT eat runny eggs.

*Unless it is 3-7pm, when I am the new Afternoon Guy on 95.7 The River’s Greatest Hits, a post I recently inherited when the very talented Biskie moved-on to the morning show on KSLA!   Catch Bobby Ray here:   Thanks, as always for reading and listening.


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