Horsin’ Around

I must really like to horse-around, as my Dad used to say,  “You two quit horsin’-around back there or I’m gonna have to pull over!”   He only had to say it once, right?  We froze instantly upon hearing such words, knowing a fierce right could instantly sail over the back of that front bench-seat and take both of us out in one swipe.  It was like the Three Stooges, wap, bam a backhand to my brothers forehead, and elbow to my neck in milliseconds!  And no, he didn’t even have to pull over.  That was for the serious carnage.  The “belt-coming-off-and your bare butt is a fleshy bulls-eye perched on the trunk of an Oldsmobile” punishment.  Those were the spectacle.  Passersby would stop to gawk.  There was no instagram back then, but maybe somewhere there exists some grainy Super 8 film of such a disciplining.  I think I had the “French Connection” on that format.  B&W.  Classic.  Oh yeah, the blog.   Back to “horsin’ around” or maybe you say “Horseplay” which is the actual word.  Came into use in the 1800’s to describe “rough-housing” or rowdy play.  Horse was kind of a prefix for things big and strong, horseradish comes to mind.  These days there is no spanking for horseplay, except maybe self-inflicted.  Matter of fact, if I’m horsin’-around these days It probably means I’m outside wrestling with the dog, or an unruly hedge.  Maybe trying to create a custom tool from assorted parts in my shop, because by god,  I can’t believe somebody hasn’t thought to invent one of these, these….whatever it is I’m trying to make.  Doesn’t everyone need a spring-loaded ten-millimeter three-eighths socket adapter on a coiled six-foot extension?  Once in awhile at least?  Nope.  If Harbor Freight don’t have it, you are on your own.

I have many creaky joints and aches and pains that accumulate from many years of horsin’ around.   After all, when the physician on duty at urgent care ask’s “So what did we do there, Mr. Cook?” How better for a hardened old goof-off to respond than “I was just horsin’-around, Doc!  Does it look broken?


Here’s hopin’ your horseplay does no harm, to yourself or horses.